Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching Process


In-Sync Therapy’s evaluation process includes an extensive interview and consultation with parents, a sensory-motor assessment of the child, and a review of previously administered psychological/ educational evaluations and teacher reports. Evaluation can also include interview of teachers and other professionals.

Parent Coaching

 In-Sync Therapy’s parent coaching services range from short term in-office consultation with parents to intensive in-home services. Long distance parent coaching is available via phone.

Suzanne Starseed, MHS, LOT helps families integrate strategies into everyday interactions and routines that improve their child’s emotional self-regulation, cooperation, attention, executive function skills, social engagement, and attachment. Ms. Starseed uses a collaborative problem-solving approach with parents that targets the child’s most challenging behaviors and difficult responses.  Referral of parents to appropriate resources and other professionals is a part of the coaching process.

Measuring Results

Suzanne Starseed, MHS, LOT collaborates with parents to develop a list of “Indicators of Improvement” written in the parent’s own words that include the behaviors, attitudes, and responses that will indicate positive change in their child. This serves as an objective criterion-referenced assessment used to monitor progress and guide the parent coaching process.