Suzanne gave us a practical and rich understanding of our child and his needs. It was like having a wise guide in an unpredictable storm. We still draw upon her teaching and coaching today.

– Melissa James Stang

Annabelle … there has been such a noticeable change in her. It is very drastic. We are so thankful for you, your help in suggesting the Mozart listening program, and also your insights into what it is like to be Annabelle. All of that has been so helpful to us! Her improvement is so remarkable, and in so short a time span. Thanks so much!

– Kathleen and Jim

Want to let you know, we have noticed a change in Nathan. The sound therapy is slowly working. He is doing better with change and adapting to new situations. He started Summer Camp this week with very little hesitation; a couple months ago this would have been a huge ordeal.
Another area of improvement I see with Nathan is playing on a team. He is in his 3rd season of playing fall soccer and he is a totally different kid. He participates and enjoys playing. In the past with playing sports, we would have to drag him to the games, he wouldn’t pay attention and he would have complete meltdowns because the grass bothered him, his shoes were too tight or the other kids wouldn’t share the ball with him.

– Catherine

Sound therapy has helped my son to improve his focus in class and be able to ‘tune out’ environmental noise distractions. The program was easy to incorporate into his schedule and he found the sound therapy relaxing.

– Sarah Moran

I am so thankful that you helped us put the pieces of the puzzle together and reach out to a PANDAS doctor.

– Sarah

Hi Suzanne, something is shifting for Collin, and it has been kind of amazing to watch this week. Even times where he wasn’t at his best, it didn’t deteriorate into a meltdown from him or me losing my temper in frustration. When I had to correct him, he would pull himself together, verbally identify to me that he was making a choice to have some quiet time or alone time, and do what he needed to do to regroup.

– H.T.

Elijah is making great progress on his journey with sensory issues. He has responded well to the sound therapy and we have seen him become less defensive, have less meltdowns and just become more at ease with the world around him. While I know it might be a lifelong journey, I’m thankful to see the great gains that he has made over the last few months. I too feel better equipped to love him and understand him as he suffers. Working with Suzanne has helped me be a better parent.