School & Child Care Related Services

School and Child Care Related Services

In-Sync Therapy helps parents get the school services and accommodations their child needs to succeed. Suzanne Starseed is a member of the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA) and author of the book The Ecology of Learning: Re-Inventing Schools (2011). The excerpt here describes the impact of poor self-regulation on school performance. This Classroom Behavior Checklist, to be completed by your child’s teacher, facilitates communication about your child’s needs and helps us target school accommodations that will support your child’s adaptation and success in the classroom environment.

 Suzanne Starseed, MHS, LOT provides a range of school related services including:

  • Classroom observation
  • Communicating about your child’s unique strengths and needs to school personnel in person, in writing, via e-mail, or over the phone.
  • Providing written recommendations for specific classroom accommodations
  • Participating in Parent-Teacher Conferences, Child Study, 504, and IEP meetings

 In-Sync Therapy coordinates with your child’s day care and after school providers to help them understand and meet your child’s unique needs.

“Researchers have found that the automatic fight-or-flight response to a perceived threat interferes with learning and executive function skills like attention, working memory, planning and self-control. The fight-or-flight response to shame, fear, or high levels of stress is more likely to be triggered when people have no control over or ability to change their situation, when they, ‘[can’t] succeed despite their best efforts.’ This puts students who believe they cannot succeed at a great disadvantage. When children experience stress, shame, or fear in school, their academic difficulties are compounded by their fight-or-flight responses.”